Singapore Flavourist ~ Beverage Expert

Ref: JP.186379.1_15264869
Sector: Manufacturing
Region: International
Job Type: Permanent
Start Date: 16/05/2018
End Date: 30/05/2018

Flavours, Flavors, Flavours! No matter how you chose to write the word, there is still lots of passion and expertise which goes into your work.

So if you are a flavourist - if you are looking for a new challenge and you think you fit the following criteria - send me your CV.

All you need to apply:

* 6 year experience as a flavorist
* Good knowledge of the Asian market
* English

Why Apply

* Work for one of the top flavour houses in the world -> very prestigous

* Work with interesting products - Beverages!

* See your work brought to life -> make the difference

* Competitive Salary

Send your CV in English to Johanne Pons
France Tel No: +33 (0)1 76 75 33 40

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